Social facilities and seniors

Polyclinics remain open

Both city polyclinics will remain open; however, strict hygiene and social distancing rules will be enforced in them, and the premises will be regularly disinfected several times each day.

Face-masks for Košiče residents in need

Košice will provide seniors living alone and people in need with a disposable or cotton face-mask based on an order placed through the City Call Centre on 055/64 19 100 or at the email address:


Where can I get a face-mask?

The City of Košice will provide disposable and cloth face-masks. Since we are able to distribute just two disposable masks at a time, and they are intended to be worn for only a limited period and then thrown away, we recommend using a cloth mask instead. Furthermore, we are still waiting for the delivery of disposable masks. We therefore recommend adding your name to the list for a cloth mask, which can be laundered (at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees), then ironed and re-used. They will be delivered to your mailbox. When supplying the masks, preference will be given to those in need – seniors, the health disabled and people with reduced immunity.

I want to be tested for coronavirus. What is the procedure for this?

You can register for testing at the Regional Public Health Authority in Košice on the telephone number 0918 389 841 (or: 0914 375 704, 0914 375 705, 0910 747 531, 0902 187 390). Samples at present are taken only from people suspected by a professional of having coronavirus. Samples are taken by means of smears from the nose and throat. At present you can also have yourself tested for a fee by a commercial operator.