Schools and Educational Facilities

Schools will open 1.6.

Until then the teaching process continues in distance mode via internet. Attendance in june will be voluntary.

Enrolment in the first year of school will be done electronically

If parents or guardians are technically not in a position to use electronic enrolment, they will be able to enrol their children at the elementary school itself without the children themselves having to be present, but taking care to respect all the counter-epidemic hygiene measures still in force.

Payment of fees for pre-school, school clubs and free-time centres is discontinued

For the duration of the closure, parents are not required to pay fees for their children's membership or the operation of these facilities.

Contributions for elementary school, art school and language school activities are still payable

Teaching in these educational facilities is going on in distance mode online. Since teaching continues to be provided, the contributions remain payable.

We have launched a project for home teaching and caring for children

Teachers from schools and educational facilities managed by the City of Košice are volunteering to visit the homes of front-line workers to teach their children while their parents are out on duty. This service is intended for school-age children of health-care and emergency service staff, police officers and other security service workers as well as public transport workers, who are currently helping the people of Košice to cope during these difficult times. If you are interested in providing this kind of voluntary assistance, please contact the City Call Centre on 055/64 19 100 or mail us at

School entrance and leaving exams may take place

School and university examinations (entrance, leaving, state and graduation exams) may take place under strict safety conditions. Exams must be held in the largest hall of each institution. A distance of at least two metres must be maintained between the examiners' working positions. Every examiner must wear a protective face-mask. Personal contact must be restricted (no hand-shaking). For written exams a distance of at least two metres must be maintained between individual students.

In one classroom there may be twenty pupils at most

In kindergarten/pre-school there may be 15 children at most in each group, and in elementary schools 20 pupils at most in each classroom.

Staying open at most nine hours each day

Minister for Education limits opening of kindergarten/pre-school to nine hours at most each day, and specific hours of operation will depend on the capacity of the facilities.

The teaching process continues

The teaching process is going on in distance mode via internet. Students communicate with their teachers electronically.

School canteens may provide meals

Based on local council decision, school canteens may prepare and provide meals for senior citizens in need and socially-disadvantaged children, respecting the strict hygiene rules in force.


How do we get exemption from compulsory school attendance for our school-age children?

School-age children’s parents or guardians may apply in writing to the school principal for postponement of compulsory school attendance. The application must be submitted together with recommendations from the child’s general practitioner or pediatrician and from the relevant educational counselling and protection office. These recommendations will not be required at the time of a child’s enrolment in the first year of school as long as the emergency situation persists, but the parent or guardian must subsequently supply them within four weeks at the most after the exceptional interruption of school teaching ends.

Do we have to pay for our child’s pre-school or school club membership during this emergency situation?

The City of Košice has decided that for the schools and educational facilities within its management, from 30th March until further notice during this period of exceptional interruption of school teaching and operation, parents and guardians of pre-school and school-age children are not required to pay contributions towards their children’s membership or the operation of pre-school, school club or free-time facilities. We are aware that many families are facing financial hardship at this time, and we want to relieve some of the burden in this way.