Schools and Educational Facilities

School teaching continues online, with the exception of elementary school first stage classes

In-class lessons continue for pupils from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds if their conditions do not enable access to online teaching, and so long as the school operating conditions permit it. “Small class” should be understood as a group of max. five pupils with one teaching staff member.

School staff to supervise physical distancing within school

School staff are responsible for ensuring students’ physical distancing within school in line with current epidemiological hygiene rules. They should also check that classrooms and other school premises are thoroughly ventilated.

School entrance and leaving exams may take place

School entrance, leaving and graduation (Maturita) exams may be held, under strict safety conditions. Exams must take place in each school’s largest room. The desks of the examining staff must be placed at least two metres away from each other. Every examiner must wear a face-covering for protection. Personal contact must be minimized, including hand-shaking. In the case of written exams, the desks of individual students must be placed at least two metres away from each other.

Full information about anti-coronavirus measures regarding schools can be found on the Ministry for Education web-site.