Public Transport and Car Parking

Public transport users must wear face-masks

You can get on buses and trams only if you are wearing a face-mask or other protection over your mouth and nose (e.g. a scarf or neck-warmer). The driver has the right to tell you to leave the vehicle if you get on without any face protection.

Košice City Public Transport Company (DPMK) is to cancel most night-time services

From 19 December DPMK is cancelling most of its night-time bus and tram services. The only exceptions are the first and last night services taking people from and to their place of work.

Temporary ban on ticket sales by drivers

We recommend that bus and tram passengers buy their tickets in advance or pay via SMS by sending an empty text to the number 1166.



Are the police really imposing 50 euro fines on people caught using public transport without a face-mask on?

No, this information which was spread on the internet is not true. But if you try to get on a bus or tram with no form of face protection, the driver has the right to order you off the vehicle.