Public areas and cemeteries

30 children's playgrounds are now open again

Every day before the parks are opened all playgrounds must be tidied up, sand-pits raked and contact surfaces of individual play installations cleaned and disinfected. Another requirement is that once a week each sand-pit must be washed with drinking water, or water meeting the quality criteria for use in swimming-pools.

The Gajdovka spring is closed

The Gajdovka mineral spring at Anička is closed until further notice due to the concentration of visitors there and the risk of spreading infection.

The public cemetery is open

City Cemetery and Urn Grove near the Crematorium are again open to the public . We remind you that when visiting both places, don’t forget the obligation to wear a face-mask and to maintain social distancing of at least two metres from other visitors.


What are the restrictions for furnerals? 

The limit on the number people present during funerals – a maximum of 10 persons – remains in force, provided that all other safety measures are observed.