Positive cases: 11 016

Daily increase: +743

Latest update: 14.1. 2021, Source: RPH

In all COVID testing centres there is electronic registration of the personal data. In case you need to get tested for COVID-19, you might register yourself through the electronic form and the test-result will be sent to you by SMS message. The SMS confirming your test will serve you as an official confirmation on being tested which you may present to any controlling authority as a proof of your test.

In the City of Košice we continue in screening tests of the citizens by antigen tests free of charge. The testing is organized between 9.00AM -5.00 PM at the following testing centres:

  • Magistrát mesta Košice na Triede SNP 48/A 
  • Amfiteáter, Festivalové nám. 2
  • Spoločensko-relaxačné centrum, ul. Milosrdenstva 4

Over the coming weekend (8-11 January) voluntary antigen testing will be taking place throughout the city of Košice, aiming to reduce the pressure on our hospitals and to save more lives of people threatened by COVID-19 infection. This city-wide testing is also intended to reassure those who would normally have to go out to work but are unable to do so, fearing for their own health or the health of others, as well as those who have to take care of close relatives. Let’s be considerate of other people, and together we can slow the spread of infection in our city. Testing will be taking place on Friday from 4.00 to 8.00 pm and on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. More detailed information about the testing points will be published via the city’s usul communication channels.

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