Contacts and municipal companies




Municipal Heating Company

  • The Municipal Heating Company (TEHO) building is open to the public again (since 21.05.2020).
  • Visitors must respect the current safety and hygiene measures and the recommendations of the Chief Hygiene Officer: compulsory wearing of face-masks inside buildings and maintaining appropriate physical distancing.
  • Spend only the shortest necessary time in the building, and restrict personal contact with employees to a minimum.
  • For more information visit

24-hour service centre:
055/ 6360 999,
055/ 6360 991
e-mail: sekretariat@

Košice Zoo

  • Košice Zoo will be open to the public again on Wednesday, 6th May.

    • The Zoo’s standard opening hours still apply, i.e. from 9 am to 7 pm, and the entrance charges remain unchanged.

    • Visitors will have to respect the hygiene and safety conditions designed to protect themselves and the Zoo staff from covid infection.

    • The Zoo grounds will be open as a whole, but the exotarium and minivivarium will remain closed.

    • Visitors may move around the Zoo in one direction, following the white arrows indicating the designated route.


telephone: 055/7968011

Košice Youth Library

  • The Košice City Youth Library is opening all of its out-of-school branches. The in-school branch at Družicová Street elementary school is now open as well.
  • From Monday, 1st June, readers in the LitPark can select
    books themselves directly from the shelves.

  • The Library is issuing a general amnesty for all recently-generated penalty notices.

  • Books may be borrowed by telephone or electronic order, and use of the Bibliobox is recommended for their return.
  • OPENING HOURS – Mon – Fri: 8 – 11 am and 12 noon – 4 pm, except for Wednesdays 10 am -1 pm and 2 – 6 pm.
  • All returned books are placed in seven-day quarantine. Visitors are required to wear a cloth face-mask, to disinfect their hands at the door, and to maintain two-metres distance from other Library users.
  • During this time of restricted functioning the Library issues twice-weekly creative workbooks on Mondays and Fridays.
  • The Library continues with its regular activities which can be run online.
  • For more information please visit:


Municipal Greenery Agency

  • In line with the official crisis measures the Greenery Agency in Košice is only carrying out work indispensable for protecting public health and property.
  • Gajdovka spring at Anička Park is closed until further notice.
  • The Plants and Flowers Sales Centre at no. 79 Rastislavova Street in Košice is open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.
  • The Composting Plant at Bernátovce is applying stricter measures for garden waste being brought in for composting. From 21st March composting waste will only be accepted from contract partners.
  • All children’s playgrounds managed by the Greenery Agency in Košice remain closed until further notice.
  • For more information please visit our web-site or our Facebook page

tel.: 055 / 726 34 90,
0902 613 265

Psychosocial Centre

  • In line with the measures against the spread of COVID-19 the Psychosocial Centre is operating under a restricted regime.
  • Entry to the premises is permitted only with a face-mask, and contactless hand disinfection is required before entering surgeries.
  • The Clinical Psychology Surgery and the Psychiatric Surgery are working under a modified regime to protect both patients and staff.
  • Psychiatric Surgery
  • Acute cases are examined in person at the Surgery, and dispensary care is arranged by phone. There are no restrictions on electronic prescriptions and telephone advice from the doctor. Contact: +421 905 704 000
  • Clinical Psychology Surgery
  • Urgent psychodiagnostic examinations go on in person. Psychotherapy for clients is provided via video conversations and by phone, and we stay in contact with clients via e-mail. We also accept new clients for psychological care after an initial phone conversation.
  • We ask clients with appointments for personal sessions to attend the Surgery at the given time so as to prevent people gathering in the Centre. Contact: +421 918 538 735, +421 918 451 452
  • Day Station
  • Provision of social services at the Day Station is temporarily stopped based on the SR Public Health-care Authority Measure against threats to public health dated 24th March. Communication with clients goes on via telephone. Counselling for clients and their family members is also provided by phone or via e-mail. Contact: +421 918 538 735 or
  • Basic or specialist social counselling normally provided in our branch at no. 23 Južná trieda in Košice now goes on only via telephone or e-mail.
    If the counselling requires previous study of materials, they can be sent in scanned form attached to an e-mail, or handed in personally at the branch entrance upon agreement by phone; the counselling will then also be done by phone.

tel.:055/678 45 20, +421 949 404 981 

Municipal Forests Company

  • In line with the crisis measures in force, the Košice Municipal Forests Company restricts public access to its premises and operations. Contact with the Company is still possible via phone or e-mail.
  • In response to increased numbers of visitors to the forests and intensifying dry conditions there, we ask everyone to refrain from making fires at this time (even in prepared fire-places) and to keep the woods and recreation areas tidy, particularly by taking their litter home with them. Visitors should treat each other considerately during their walks or recreational activities, avoid gathering together in groups, keep at a reasonable distance from other people, wear face-masks, and respect any instructions from forestry staff.
  • If some current problems or urgent issues connected with public use of the forests need resolving, please contact Municipal Forests by phone on 055 677 00 15 or e-mail at

tel.: 055 677 00 15 ,
055 677 00 16

Regional Tourism Organization – Košice Turizmus

  • With aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection, on 9th March the following measures were taken:
  • prohibition of organizing public gatherings within city limits. 

     This measure has been rescinded, and public gatherings are now permitted with up to 500 participants.

  • prohibition of public social, cultural or sporting events, whether arranged by the City of Košice or by an organization under City management
  • prohibition of all school trips, excursions or outings and events with a high concentration of children in one place
  • prohibition of visits to retirement homes
  • For more information please visit

tel.: +421 918 698 299


Košice City Housing Company

  • Activity of Košice City Housing Company (BPMK) is restricted to the minimum during this period, so we ask our clients to refrain from visiting us in person.
  • At the same time we inform clients who wish to settle their bills in person or need postal payment orders to be issued to arrange their payments either by bank transfer or electronically to the account of BPMK with the number 3072566955/0200, kept in the bank VÚB, a.s.
  • IBAN: SK51 0200 0000 0030 7256 6955


    The Information for Recipient section must be completed with the client’s surname and street name.

  • For more information please visit our web-site at or our Facebook page at

Mail Room / Switchboard: : 055 78 71 301


Emergency service
24 hours:
055 78 71 301
055 7871 345
0917 880 051

KOSIT a.s. Waste Disposal Company

  • In the current emergency situation KOSIT is working without restrictions with regard to the residents of our city.
  • Waste disposal yards are available at their standard opening times, and the system of year-round emptying of large-capacity bins was restarted again on 27th March.
  • As we have said in our public announcements, we ask Košice residents to be considerate during this unusual period and not to misuse the large-capacity bins for disposing of unreasonable amounts of waste material.
  • As the National Public Health-care Authority has stated, used personal protective equipment (PPE – disposable face-masks, respirators, gloves, disinfectant wipes) should be disposed of together with normal household waste. This type of waste does not belong in separated waste containers (plastic or paper), but in the common waste bins.
  • The following procedure is recommended:
  • put PPE items in light plastic bags and tie them tightly;
  • throw the plastic bags in a common household waste (black) container, then go home and thoroughly wash your hands.
  • For more information please visit our web-site or Facebook page:


freephone number:

0800 156 748