City Hall Centre Košice

City Call Centre
055/6419 100

You can use the Call Centre contacts to contact Košice City Hall and its specialist departments.
If you need to make an application in electronic form, please use the link eSlužby Košice

Košice City Hall is closed to the public again

From 21 December Košice City Hall is closed to the public again. The only exceptions are the Post Room and settling contracts on the Winter Maintenance application

Services to citizens are provided online

If you need to have an application sorted out, you can use the City of Košice electronic services portal via the web page eSlužby Košice

Volunteers are welcome to help

If you're interested in joining in some volunteer activity, just contact the Košice City Call Centre on 055/64 19 100 or by e-mail at City employees will get back to you, and depending on your interest they will connect you with the volunteer activity organizers. For more information please go to the web-site
Srdce v meste


I need to sort something out at Košice City Call – how should I go about it?

Košice City Call is currently closed to the public. If you need to communicate with a particular specialist department, we can put you through from our Call Centre (call 055/64 19 100), or we’ll dictate a number to you which you can call later in the day. It’s also possible to contact specific department employees via e-mail.